The G-Spot Whisperer

My favorite is by Firefly Organics and it has beautiful materials, in it. Slquid makes another really good product, Yes, Yes, Yes and Hathor Aphrodisia. You can also use something natural like coconut oil that you can find in your kitchen if you are very health conscious. You can cook with coconut oil, bake with it and you can have sex with it too. It is very healthy for you. Week 2. Video 3: Interview with The G-Spot Whisperer KIM: Sky welcome! Thank you so much for being here on this very, very important topic. I have dubbed you the “G-Spot Whisperer” because it has come to my attention that you have this incredible talent for eliciting the G-Spot orgasm in women. Learn more at and

First though, I would love for you to give me a little bit of history about yourself, like how is it that you have become such, what shall I say, a well-versed sexual explorer? SKY: Some of my history: In my life, I have had a desire to go really deep with relationships and see where it takes us as humans. Spiritually, sexually, how deep can we go in our ability to connect with another, and with ourselves a higher self, and with the divine? I think there is all possibilities and the models that we can explore as humans and I have tried everything from traditional marriage to polyamory, poly-fidelity, Polly wants a cracker; I have tried it all, right now I have what I call “hot monogamy” and Iʼve found my true life partner. KIM: Did you say “hot monogamy”? SKY: Hot monogamy, thatʼs what we call it, yes. KIM: What does that mean to you? Absolutely echoes my philosophy. For those people who might be just starting this journey of trying to find the G-Spot and wake it up—I often use that phrase: we want to “wake it up.” And it is the G-zone; it is this area that is there. I have given in this course all kinds of ideas and techniques physically and emotionally and energetically and so I want to know what you would say that you would tell people. SKY: So let’s talk about what youʼre calling this: G-Spot Whispering. Which is really interesting because that concept “whisperer” has really gone into language all over the place: thereʼs cat whisperers and dog whisperers and baby whisperers. The concept came from horse whispering, which is another way of saying ‘natural horsemanship.ʼ It is a philosophy about developing communication with wild horses by using their body language and honoring their natural instincts and desire to herd with other horses. So in natural horsemanship what they did was they watched these guys, that had this incredible ability to sense into a horseʼs experience. And thatʼs what you are doing when you are doing G-Spot whispering. You are sensing into the vagina. Every vagina, every woman has a G-spot which is different and beautiful in its own quirky way. There is no one way to be with every vagina. The ancient Taoists actually said there were three categories of vaginas. There is rabbit vagina, which is small and petite and very sensitive; there are deer vaginas which are alive and agile; and elephant vaginas which are accommodating and flexible. Learn more at