The 17 day diet is pretty powerful

The 17 day diet is pretty powerful. Well i guess its a good thing that I don’t eat pizza hut more then once every few months:-D and i downloaded all of paul mckenna will make you thin, seems pretty good, I’m giving it a go, the best part is ive adapted to these good foods to where i like them more i guess my only question for you is nemesis, in paul mckenna it says to listen to your bodys signal when you are full and hungry and not thirsty and ect, well i feel like i usually do even if i have a bagel in the morning and something small in the afternoon and even a small supper, so of caloric wise I’m undereating but at the same time I’m satisfied with the 17 day diet. Just about to post my reply, system failure – reboot! Well, as I tried to say, for the first time in 3 1/2 weeks I actually felt really well today. So hence the delay in replies with the 17 day diet. I will have to dl mckenna taylor do you have the link for that? Learn more at I will evaluate it if I can? Always listen to your body, it will always tell you what it needs. It rumbles when hungry and satiated when full. I found it takes a little while to get use to eating smaller portions more often, especially if you are used to a big early breakfast. This is what I call the Sara Evans diet, I told it to a friend and she loves it. She eats when her body tells her too and until she feels basically full. She has managed to loose the extra she wanted without any problems. Society dictates when we eat now and we have to remove that programing. Pizza can be good, but it will be hefty on the grease/fat from the cheese mostly saturated I believe. You have dairy portion, meat/veggy portion and bread portion of your daily intake. It also depends on where you get it and if the ingredients are “real” or processed. I never really count fruits as a meal onto themselves, if I have an apple in the afternoon or whatever. It takes more calories to burn digesting the apple than the apple has (tef) thermogenic effects of feeding. Eggs are tricky because of the cholesterol they contain in them. As for meat based protein try red meat only 2/week and you only need 2-2 servings of actual meat per day. Fish and chicken are the best but there are many alternatives to them. Beans, tofu, nuts,legumes,lenils If I don’t answer a question to your 17 day diet satisfaction please let me know and I will add more information. One topic for a moment is that of basic biology and genetics. We are all built different and we all react different. This is true to drugs and food, I am lucky in that I am a thin person who genetically burns calories and doesn’t gain weight. This is not the same for others and sometimes we must resign ourselves to the fact about this. It will take longer and some will have to be more persistent and be on constant vigil with regard to what they eat and exercise. Before you go and hate me, I cant gain weight well either, that means mass as well. I will never be a “wrestler” type body or “huge”, I am very strong and relatively well defined but not overly muscular. Learn more at