Different Levels of Vigrx Plus

So it’s maybe two to four that are really important supplements like Vigrx that make a difference. And then the hormone side, the endocrine side of it we have the sex hormones like progesterone, testosterone, estrogen. We have the stress hormones like cortisol, and DHEA. And then we have the thyroid hormones to boost performance. So those are the major players. And they’re all interactive all the time, so we call it a neuroendocrine system, because it’s an integrated that’s talking to each other all the time. It’s like a rock band. You’ve got a guitar player, maybe two guitar players, a base player, keyboards, and a singer. And if you just pulled out the guitars and base it would sound a little weird if it was just like the drummer and the singer. And so in general in medicine … and it happens a lot in natural medicine too, as we kind of focus on one subject. Like, “This woman has low progesterone. And we’re just going to fix her progesterone.” And we don’t look at the bigger symphony of what’s happening in terms of why that hormone is low, how it impacts other hormones, and then how it’s impacted by and how it impacts the brain. In my experience, it’s impossible to separate these things with Vigrx Plus. The brain is actually telling the hormone producing glands what to do in the first place, right? If anything the brain is the boss of the hormones. Okay, so the level of hormones is giving some feedback to the brain, and the brain is deciding levels of hormones to let out. Are hormones actually helping to control the amount of neurotransmitters produced, as well? Yes, they can. So like for example, if you’re really stressed you perceive the stress in your brain. learn more at http://alphaguys.weebly.com/leyzene.htmlBut then your brain would tell your adrenal glands to make more cortisol, and more adrenaline. And then as cortisol goes up serotonin levels drop. So you have connections like that. And I had a patient yesterday, or the day before – we were just talking about this, because we were looking at her month-long female hormone lab. And we were looking at in her monthly cycle on the lab you could see there were these two really clear periods where she had spikes of estrogen. And she looked at it. She’s like, “Those are the days when I feel the best. I can’t believe that! You can see it on the hormones.” So when estrogen goes up, serotonin goes up, and women feel really good when their estrogen goes up, which is when they’re ovulating, right? So women should, if they’re healthy feel they’re best when they have the preovulatory spike of estrogen, which is accompanied by a surge of serotonin, so you get this kind of happy feeling with it. So, yeah, stress can lower sex hormones, and brain chemicals. Sex hormones themselves can manipulate the chemicals. So there’s this interaction, which is pretty profound. And when you start to actually treat … Now, because this is my treatment model I’m using now with patients. And I actually treat both brain, and hormonal related conditions. You can get results that you can never really get if you’re just in one area by itself. Learn more at https://erinjgz.wordpress.com/2016/03/19/semenax-really-works/